Sir Rod Stewart: I was born to be a show-off

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  • 17 September 2018
Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

Music legend Sir Rod Stewart has claimed he was "born to be a show-off"

Sir Rod Stewart thinks he was "born to be a show-off".

The 73-year-old singer has claimed he was always destined for a career on the stage, admitting he loves performing in front of an audience and being in the spotlight.

In A Letter To My Younger Self in The Big Issue magazine, he shared: "The idea of being splashed all over the tabloids for years - that wouldn't bother the young Rod.

"He'd love the thought of all that attention. He was born to be a show-off. With a nose and haircut like that there was nothing he could have been but a rock star.

"I always say that to Ronnie Wood. What else could we have been? We weren't going to work in Sainsbury's, that's for sure. There's nothing wrong with working in Sainsbury's by the way."

Rod also admitted to surprising himself with his own longevity.

He said the "16-year-old Rod wouldn't believe I'm still doing this at 73".

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker added: "He would be totally surprised that I'm absolutely still enjoying it as much now as I did back then. And I mean that, it's not bull***t."

Despite the success he's enjoyed during his career, Rod previously admitted to hating songwriting at one point in time.

He confessed: "I used to hate [songwriting]. It was like being at school, 'Come on, Stewart, you've got to finish the lyrics!' - and you'd get kicked into a room with a bottle of wine."

Rod Stewart

Gravel-voiced Rod returns for more onstage shenanigans lapped up by a partying crowd. There's always 'Maggie May' to look forward to. This time round he is promoting his latest studio album Blood Red Roses.

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