Dig task underway

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  • 23 July 2008


Luke, Rebbeca and Rex' archaeological dig task started this afternoon (12.48pm). The three heavenly 'Big Brother' contestants have to dig up ten artefacts from a sand pit and place them in chronological order on a board which has various dates written on it.

As the trio waited for the challenge to start, Luke declared: "Come on guys, let's get digging. I can't wait!"

As the group began sifting through the sand, Rex uncovered the 'ers' from a Snickers wrapper.

Luke said it wasn't part of the task, only for Stuart to suggest the group was being "too meticulous" with their search.

Enthusiastic Bex shouted: "I've found a tampon wrapper!"

However her joy quickly evaporated when she realised how deep the sandpit was.

She moaned: "This is hard. I can't find anything."

Next, a delighted Luke cried he had found a hidden treasure. However, it turned out to be his trowel.

Earlier, Dale, Stuart and Rex mocked Lisa when she claimed to have a good knowledge of archaeology.

Talking about the digging task, Lisa said: "I'd enjoy it. I used to do archaeology as a teenager. I loved it."

She then told the group she had found "flints", but the boys were less than impressed.

Referring to Lisa's previous claim she had seen an alien, Stuart asked: "What about a little green man?"

Rex joined in, asking: "Did you find the little green man's spaceship?"

As Maysoon giggled, Lisa tried to join in the fun by joking she found the Tollund Man, referring to a famous archaeological discovery.

The boys did not understand Lisa's joke but continued to giggle about her alien story, prompting Lisa to declare: "I did see a little green man."

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