Luke's Bex discussion

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  • 23 July 2008

Luke and Bex

Luke discussed his confusing passion for Rebecca with Big Brother this morning. The skinny student - who has spent the last three nights locking lips with the busty nursery nurse while in bed - went to the Diary Room to discuss their blooming relationship.

A confused Luke said: "I had another interesting night. Rebecca and I may have had another, er, moment last night, as you probably saw, and I'm not sure why this keeps happening.

"The first time it was a drunken mistake on Rebecca's part, and I was emotional at the thought of Rebecca leaving. The second time it was the spirit of Heaven etcetera. The third time... well, I was emotional again, because obviously the thought of losing Rebecca this Friday is just not a nice thing."

Luke then claimed: "I'm not even attracted to the girl, and she's not attracted to me, but... it just keeps happening."

Deciding not to give him an easy ride, Big Brother probed: "Is there no attraction there at all?"

Confused Luke admitted: "Well, I don't know. On the outside I would never go for a girl like Rebecca. I mean she is not my type at all. But I suppose the more you spend time with someone... I don't know... Maybe! I'm becoming very confused about the situation."

Big Brother murmured: "Is it affecting your friendship with Rebecca?"

An amazed Luke said: "No, that's the weird thing! It's almost as if there's two sets of Luke and Rebecca. There's the daytime set of Luke and Rebecca - we're really good friends during the day. I have banter with Rebecca - she'll insult me, I'll insult her. Then at night-time it's almost like the emotional side comes out. We talk about our feelings and... I don't know!

"The more... we... I can't even say it. The more we... kiss, the more I... become confused"

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