Courtney Love still hates Coogan

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  • 23 July 2008

Courtney Love still hates Coogan

Courtney Love has branded ex-lover Steve Coogan "mean" and "sociopathic".

The singer, who briefly dated the British comedian in 2005, says Coogan left her in a "dark" place.

Also making reference to her late husband Kurt Cobain - who committed suicide in 1994 - Courtney posted on her MySpace blog: "The only real 'feud' I ever had was with Mr. Self Destruct back in the 90s and he started it. I just had a far better bon mot than him, which happened.

"Oh wait, there're two. I do not care for that British comedian very much, he's very mean and he's very unusually dark. Maybe I have father issues, attracting these sociopathic men occasionally."

Earlier this week, Courtney also used the internet to criticise Madonna for not contacting her.

The former Hole singer insists she has no ill will towards the '4 Minutes' singer and has been told they are very similar people.

She wrote: "I certainly don't dislike Madonna, I just wish she had returned a call that I made a few months back.

"We're extremely different types of people and different types of artists. However, a lot of our mutual friends tell me that we're a lot alike.

"As I have found Madonna near me on occasion, I've also found her to be silly - funny and cute, yeah, but she's got a very sly sense of humour sometimes - we don't have ANY relationship presently but our karma seems a bit intertwined. We have a number of mutual friends, and in the end, I like her.

"She hasn't always been sharky to me, she's just like that - sort of stiff."

The 'Malibu' singer - whose mother Linda Caroll wrote 'Her Mother's Daughter' about the troubled singer in 2006 - also spoke about her disgust at Madonna's brother writing a memoir about his superstar sister.

She added: "I like her brother too, so this book thing is a little tragic to me. I'm so glad no one in my immediate real family would ever write one of those things - my biological mother and father can write their insane books 'till the cows come home, neither of them knew me, Kurt or my kid, so it's just insane people's fiction."

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