Darnell released

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  • 23 July 2008


Darnell was released from prison this morning (6.18am). The former Head of the 'Big Brother' House - who was jailed after he told Rex he had nominated him - spent the whole night caged, and was quick to reveal his feelings about being up for eviction alongside Darnell and Rebecca when he was released.

As Rachel was cooking breakfast for the hellish housemates - who stayed up all night to complete their part of this week's The Test of Time shopping challenge - he said: "I know everyone says that you go in there and you make a decision and all that but I just thought I was gonna be one of the people where the only reason why I went up for nomination is because everyone had to choose between their friends."

Clearly not wanting to get drawn into the discussion, Rachel replied: "Mmm."

Not taking the hint, Darnell continued: "I was just stunned because there's so many people left. I felt like wow, I thought they'd be up long before me!"

Rachel replied: "Mmm."

Darnell added: "That's why I was so annoyed. I'm looking at everyone and I'm thinking, man, I know sometimes we have our moments, but I thought at the end of the day we were like, really close. There are newbies that are getting more love than me!"

Sick of his whining, Rachel replied: "People have known you so long, they know your downs and your positives. Perhaps you've upset people more than you realise. Don't take that personal, Darnell."

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