Dale's greedy decision

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  • 23 July 2008


Dale rewarded the heavenly housemates with a selection of treats last night. Head of the 'Big Brother' house Dale decided to give the hamper of alcohol and snacks to those living in luxury - Rex, Stuart, Luke, Rebecca, Maysoon and himself - even though he could have given it to the hellmates.

After explaining Dale had to choose which side of the house received the goodies, Big Brother added: "Housemates are permitted to influence the head of house."

Stuart and Rex immediately shouted: "Heaven all the way!"

Luke added: "I want Bex drunk!"

As Dale left to reveal his decision in the Diary Room - before he had announced it to the group - the two sides began bickering.

Describing himself as "greedy and selfish" Rex said: "It makes more sense for us to get it - we're in Heaven! I need snacks. It's not like I've had a barbecue and a takeaway."

Lisa was confident Dale would "make the right choice" because he was a "gentlemen".

Mohamed argued those in hell needed a party because they would be staying awake all night to complete their part of the Test of Time shopping challenge.

Branding him "reckless" Rex said: "Three glasses of wine and you'll fall asleep! Why don't you guys have some caramelised chickpeas to keep you awake?"

Stuart claimed his group should receive the treat as skinny student Luke was in danger of "wasting away".

Dale finally emerged and told the expectant group: "You'll find out my reasons at a later date. I'm sorry, but I've decided to give it to Heaven."

Later a furious Mohamed said the decision "takes the p**s" while Darnell argued the heavenly housemates were being "greedy".

Upset Rachel wondered: "Does Dale hate us that much? No-one is that selfish."

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