Interpool's Paul Banks awkward Quentin Tarantino encounter

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  • 10 September 2018
Paul Banks

Paul Banks

Interpol rocker Paul Banks has revealed he had an awkward encounter with Hollywood legend Quentin Tarantino

Interpol's Paul Banks once embarrassed himself in front of Quentin Tarantino.

The 'Barricade' hitmaker messed up his chances of becoming pals with the 55-year-old filmmaker as the 'Pulp Fiction' helmer called him out for not watching his movie 'Django Unchained' before attending the premiere after-party in 2012.

Recalling the awkward encounter, the 40-year-old musician - who was among the likes of disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein and cast members Uma Thurman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx at the star-studded bash - told the Daily Star newspaper: "I met Tarantino once and blew it - it was my classic awkward moment.

"I was out for dinner and then got invited to an after party for his movie 'Django Unchained' by this publicist friend of mine.

"She walks me over to him, he's there in some corner with Harvey Weinstein and Uma Thurman, a bunch of others and they introduced me as the guy from Interpol.

"Tarantino's like: 'Hey man what did you think of the movie?'

"For a split second I thought do I lie to Quentin Tarantino or just come clean and say: 'I didn't see the film, I'm just here for the party'.

"But before I could say anything he just yells: 'Party foul!' He turned and shouts it to the whole room and that was like it! Where could we go from there?

"I felt terrible because I love his work and I would have loved to have seen it."

Meanwhile, Paul recently admitted that he doesn't see himself performing with a full band in 30 years' time, and will likely be retired or just doing the odd stripped back gig.

Asked if he sees himself rocking into his 70s, he replied; "When I'm 70?! I think I'll probably be retired when I'm 70! Or maybe, maybe a wooden stool and an acoustic. Maybe that's my future when I'm in my 70s."

Interpol returned with their new album 'Marauder' last month - the follow-up to 2014's 'El Pintor'.

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