Triple nomination?

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  • 22 July 2008


Darnell, Rebecca and Mohamed are rumoured to be facing eviction this week. It will be the first time ex-Head of the 'Big Brother' House Darnell has faced the public vote, but the second time Bex and Mohamed have been in the firing line.

Darnell was immune from nominations last week because he was Head of House, but many of the decisions he made while in the position angered his fellow housemates.

As well as having to pick which of the group would live in Heaven and which would live in Hell - and therefore have to serve those in Heaven - he also had sole responsibility for the shopping list.

Although the group were living on a basic budget of just £1 per person per head, Darnell forgot to order tea, coffee, potatoes, spaghetti , fruit and vegetables.

The gaff was widely criticised, with Lisa calling the list "a sham".

Darnell has also been involved in several arguments this week. Last night, Maysoon warned him his temper was in danger of costing him friends.

She said: "Sometimes you just switch because you let things build up. You should think before you speak sometimes."

Meanwhile, Bex has irritated some of the housemates with her constant attention-seeking. They also claim she is loud, crude and hard to live with as she always expects to get her own way.

Mohamed has been slammed for being greedy and for failing to ingratiate himself with some members of the group.

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