Sam Avery confronts being a parent in his new stand-up show

Sam Avery confronts being a parent in his new stand-up show

The comedian tours on the back of his blog, book and podcast

Sam Avery may be going on tour on the back of a wildly successful blog, book and podcast about the perils and pitfalls of being a parent, but he wants everyone to know one thing: 'I wouldn't want people to think I'm just moaning about being a parent because that's not what I do. The show is more about how you handle that transition into a different stage of your life.'

Avery, a dad of three-year-old twin boys, used one particularly challenging incident as the inspiration for his live tour of The Learner Parent. 'The spine of the show is about the worst tantrum I've ever experienced with my kids. It was a very public one, and I suppose it will be even more public now that I'll be talking about it in rooms full of strangers. I wouldn't even put the ones that happen at home on the list of tantrums because you can just leave them to it, make a brew and come back once they've cried it out. But if you're in the middle of Debenhams, you might end up on the news.'

But don't worry if you think this is just going to be one of those 'Aren't the things kids say hilarious?' shows. Avery is using his parental experience as a trigger to talk about other elements of his life such as getting older (he turned 40 in July) and his views on contemporary Britain. 'A lot of it will be about being a parent, but a full show of all that stuff would be quite dull. So, I'm making sure that there will be other stand-up elements in there.'

The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 28 Oct.

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