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  • 22 July 2008

Bex and Luke

Dale picked housemates to complete the five sections of this week's The Test of Time shopping task this afternoon. Big Brother summoned Head of House Dale to the Diary Room to make the decisions, but despite appearing confident at first he quickly lost faith in his ability to place the contestants in the most appropriate task.

Big Brother said: "For this week's task, housemates must withstand the test of time. Your role is to determine which housemates face which challenge. Do you understand?"

A determined-sounding Dale confirmed he understood, prompting Big Brother to ask which housemates he wanted to build the giant pocket watch.

After a lengthy pause, Dale said: "Right... to build the watch. I'm gonna go with... erm... Maysoon, and... erm, trying to think now... Stuart."

Having taken some time to warm up, the house leader chose who would be completing the archaeological digger must faster.

He said: "Rex, Rebecca and Luke."

All the hellish housemates - Darnell, Mikey, Lisa, Sara, Rachel, Kathreya and Mohamed - will complete the alarm clock and egg timer challenge.

The task room has been filled with clocks of different sizes, and the alarm clock test sees the contestants have 45 seconds to find and turn off the clocks which are ringing.

In the egg timer test, the group must ensure an egg timer is always adequately filled with sand.

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