Housemates' time task

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  • 22 July 2008


The housemates received instruction for their latest shopping task this morning (10.58am). Head of House Dale emerged from the 'Big Brother' Diary Room with instructions for the task - titled The Test of Time - and was keen to assert himself as leader of the challenge.

Dale read: "Head of House will have a costume to wear for the duration of the task. Housemates will also wear a costume -"

At which point Rex loudly said: "Oh no. Here we go."

Irritated by the interruption, Dale blasted: "Shut up Rex a minute."

The instructions were vague and stated the group would receive further details in due course.

Rex commented: "What did I say. Patience is what I said this is going to be about."

Big Brother kept the group waiting for two hours before revealing the specifics of the test.

The group will have to complete five challenges based around the theme of time. To pass the task and secure a luxury shopping budget they must successfully complete three of separate parts.

In the 'clock making challenge' two housemates will have to construct a giant pocket watch in a certain amount of time.

In the 'archaeological dig' three contestants will unearth historical objects and then guess when they date from.

The rest of the group will have to form a human clock, turn off alarm clocks in a limited amount of time or keep the sands of time flowing in a giant egg timer.

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