John Cho keeps portrait of American Pie co-star in his garage

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  • 1 September 2018
John Cho

John Cho

John Cho has admitted he has a portrait of Stifler's mum, played by Jenifer Coolidge, "hanging in his garage"

John Cho keeps a portrait of his 'American Pie' co-star Jennifer Coolidge in his garage.

The 46-year-old actor popularised the term "MILF" in the 'American Pie' films and John has admitted he has a portrait of Jenifer Coolidge - who played Stifler's mum - "hanging in his garage".

Speaking to Total Film magazine, John - who plays Hikaru Sulu in the 'Star Trek' reboot film series - said: "I have a copy of Jennifer Coolidge's portrait.

"In 'American Pie', I salivate over her portrait and call her a 'MILF'. Years later, I was asked if I wanted one. I said, 'Yes, I need that picture'. So it's hanging in my garage.

"I also have the Starfleet insignia from my uniform, and I have Harold's college degree from 'Harold & Kumar'. That's in my office bathroom."

Meanwhile, John recently revealed that he dreams of replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond.

The actor admitted he'd love to be handed the role of 007, although he's also keen to appear in a Western and even a Shakespeare production.

Speaking about his future ambitions, John shared: "I wouldn't say no to Bond! That seems like a good gig.

"My dream gig is to do a Western. I'd love to do a Shakespeare play. The list is long. I'd like to do a heist movie. I'd love to crack a safe on screen."

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