Dale's terrifying night

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 July 2008


The heavenly housemates terrified Dale last night.

The 'Big Brother' contestants decided to tell ghost stories to each other when they were in bed, but soon ditched the tales in favour of scaring the Head of House when they realised how afraid he was.

Hearing a cameraman walking behind him, Dale shouted: "F**k off walking behind me loud! I'm scared! Big clumsy idiots with boots on, they're proper slamming everywhere."

Dale then asked the group to stop scaring him, claiming he had a "weak heart".

The heavenly housemates carried on spooking each other with stories, and Maysoon soon claimed she could see a shadow under Dale's bed.

The muscley trainee teacher leapt out of bed wrapped in his duvet and screamed: "F**k off!"

When he returned to the room, Bex made him jump again by screaming suddenly.

He said: "Don't mess about, my heart will explode."

Bex sat up in bed and further terrified the house leader when he claimed he couldn't see her face.

He squealed: "F**k off! F**k off!"

Politics student Luke queried: "Dale, what's happened to your hard-nut image?"

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