Colin Stetson: 'It is a very open repertoire and anything can happen'

Sfd Stetson – Fox – Dunn

credit: Marie Magnin

Canadian saxophonist untangles the unpredictability of SFD, his newest project alongside Greg Fox and Trevor Dunn

SFD is the latest project from Canadian saxophonist Colin Stetson. His unconventional style (utilising a unique circular breathing method and slamming his keys as percussion) and forward thinking approach to jazz, post-rock and minimalism has seen him work with the likes of Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Lou Reed, Bon Iver, the National, LCD Soundsystem and many more. Stetson has also produced a series of startling solo albums and soundtrack work. Most recently writing and performing the score for unsettling horror Hereditary.

This Edinburgh show marks the only UK date for his new trio with drummer Greg Fox and bassist Trevor Dunn, a collaboration that fell into place naturally and instinctively. 'It was a bit of a strange meeting actually,' explains Dunn, who has played with the Melvins, Mike Patton and many more. 'A mutual friend was booking gigs in a small rock venue in Brooklyn. She put the trio together on a hunch. I only met Colin and Greg on stage that night as we were setting up. This type of situation is not particularly uncommon and has the potential to be awkward but we all had a lot of fun improvising and fell into some common ground immediately. Thus we decided to continue on our own.'

Their music is hard to categorise drawing on elements of improv jazz, instrumental rock and electronica. '[It's] maximalism,' says Dunn. 'I say that because there is some relation to minimalism in our limited used of colour and form, yet it is not lightweight music by any means. It tends to be somewhat fierce, loud and cathartic. Maybe there is more akin to staring into a bright strobe light as opposed to an Agnes Martin painting. That said, it is a very open repertoire and anything can happen, so my description of what has happened in the past may or may not apply.'

Summerhall, Edinburgh, Sat 29 Sep.

SFD: Stetson - Fox - Dunn

Avant-garde post rock/jazz/metal trio fronted by saxophonist and Arcade Fire/Bon Iver/The National collaborator Colin Stetson, with drummer Greg Fox (Liturgy, EX EYE) and bassist Trevor Dunn (Melvins).

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