Artistic director Natasha Gilmore on Barrowland Ballet's newest productions

Playful Tiger, Tiger Tale and Tiger

'All three pieces are immersive with the audience sitting up close to the action'

You wait ages for a tiger to come along – and then three arrive at once. Over the coming months, Glasgow-based contemporary dance company Barrowland Ballet will be taking no less than three shows about a tiger out on tour.

'Tiger Tale is for children aged 7+ and their families,' explains artistic director, Natasha Gilmore. 'Tiger is for adults and teenagers, and Playful Tiger has been created specifically for children and young people who are profoundly autistic and mainly nonverbal. They all tell the story of a troubled family stifled by the rigidity of their lives, whose world is turned upside down when a tiger invades.'

While there may be commonalities between each piece, by separating them out into three distinct productions, Gilmore has been able to tailor her choreography accordingly.

'All three pieces are immersive with the audience sitting up close to the action, and there is a sensory element with the smell of oranges and the burning of matches,' explains Gilmore. 'But being specific about who the pieces are for has given us the freedom to develop each production in a different way to suit the audience.

'Playful Tiger has capacity for 6-8 young people and their carers and allows for interaction between audience and performers. Tiger Tale tells the family's story from the perspective of the daughter, so children in the audience can identify with her experience. And Tiger focuses more on the breakdown of the parent's relationship.'

Platform, Glasgow, Fri 21 Sep, then touring.

Playful Tiger

A specially made interactive and sensory play for children who are autistic and non-verbal.


A troubled family is plunged into chaos with a tiger invades. Suitable for ages 14+.

Tiger Tale

Barrowland Ballet presents Something wild is prowling, she can hear it through her bedroom walls. A daughter who longs for someone to play with; a mother who has forgotten what it's like to go outside; a father frustrated by the monotony of their daily routine. Until one day the wild breaks in and everything changes. A…

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