Heaven's curry treat

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 July 2008


The heavenly housemates received an Indian takeaway last night.

The 'Big Brother' group - Dale, Rex, Stuart, Luke, Rebecca and Maysoon - received the treat as a reward after the hellish contestants successfully completed their onion-peeling task.

The housemates in Heaven received beer to go with their food, and could hardly contain their excitement when Head of House Dale returned from the Diary Room clutching the grub.

As they boasted about the amount they had received to those in Hell - who received no treat and are living on a basic shopping budget of just £1 per person per day - Luke called the meal "a hearty treat" while Dale yelled "get in".

A jealous Lisa admitted she was thinking of jumping over the barrier to steal some of the food.

She said: "It smells and looks divine."

Former Head of House Darnell - who lived in Heaven last week - found the banquet particularly hard to watch.

He moaned to Sara: "You just feel like dirt. I can't believe it. They just look, eat and feel better than you. Aw man, it really sucks. I can't complain because that was me last week. What a jerk."

The songwriter later moaned to Big Brother: "That's not what Heaven's supposed to be. In Heaven, the people who peel the potatoes would get the food."

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