Ewan McGregor wants to make a home movie

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  • 26 August 2018
Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is starting to enjoy being away shooting on location less and less and he would love to be able to make movies at his home

Ewan McGregor wants to make a film in his own back garden.

The 'Christopher Robin' actor - who has children Clara, 22, Jamyan, 17, Esther, 16, and seven-year-old Anouk with estranged wife Eve Mavrakis - spends months away on movie sets so thinks it would be great if he didn't have to leave his own property in order to get to work.

Asked his ideal next role, he said: "I'd like to shoot a film in my back garden so I don't have to go anywhere. As an actor, you do spend a lot of time away from home and that's something that isn't always easy to do. So when I fantasise about doing something else, it's always things that I could do at home."

And if he were to change career, the 47-year-old star has a lot of ideas about jobs that could keep him at home.

Speaking to OK! magazine, he said: "I could see myself being a writer or a sculptor and having a workshop next to my house. I would just lock myself away and be quite solitary sometimes, and create something that people might be interested in looking at, while wearing my overalls. Or be able to hang around to have breakfast with the kids, take them to school and go shoot in the backyard. I would enjoy that quite a bit."

The 'Trainspotting' actor admitted being away from his family is the most difficult thing about his job.

He said: "I love nothing more than being at home with my family, so I yearn for them when I'm away for extended periods making films - and even more so for the extended periods when I'm publicising my films."

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