Hell to nominate

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  • 21 July 2008


The hellish housemates have successfully completed the onion-peeling task. Big Brother announced the group - Mikey, Lisa, Sara, Kathreya, Mohamed and Rachel - chopped the onions to an adequate standard and had passed the challenge this afternoon (4.26pm).

The contestants had to peel 65kg of onions in order to earn the right to nominate.

Earlier, heavenly housemate Rex and Luke bitched about hellish Rachel.

Rex started the gossip, saying: "She's the housemate in my head who stands out the least."

Luke agreed, adding: "They're going to struggle to find best bits."

Rex said: "I gave her one of hers. I asked, 'How many days in a year?' She got it wrong."

Luke exclaimed: "She got it wrong? This is a schoolteacher!"

Rex added: "And she said there were 93 weeks in three years. She didn't know how many weeks there were in one year."

However, the boys' moan was thrown of course by Rebecca, who asked: "How many are there?"

Luke said: "Guess."

Bex asked: "12?"

An astounded Luke gasped: "12 weeks in a year?"

Rex interjected: "How many months are there in a year, Rebecca?"

She responded: "24?"

Rex laughed: "24! Go on, name the months."

Attempting to answer, Bex said: "12 months in one year and 24 weeks? I honestly don't know."

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