Rex wants out

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  • 21 July 2008


Rex irritated the rest of the house by saying he wants to leave the house this afternoon. The boastful chef - who has constantly claimed he wants to leave the 'Big Brother' house because he misses his family and girlfriend so much - complained he wanted to go home to Luke, but admitted he would never walk out of the show.

As he sunbathed in the garden, Rex moaned: "I really want to go home."

Luke asked: "But you wouldn't walk?"

Rex replied: "No."

A relieved Luke commented: "It's pointless to come all this way and walk."

Rex agreed, prompting Luke to add: "If you would've walked, you would've done it by now."

However, the Hell housemates - Lisa, Mikey, Sara, Kathreya, Mohamed and Rachel - were less sympathetic about Rex' plight.

Mikey - who was carrying out the onion-peeling task with the rest of the hellish housemates in order to win the right to nominate - snapped: "Rex, there's nothing stopping you mate. You know what they say: if you want to go, go."

Darnell backed Mikey up, adding: "Rex, I think you're having a wind-up with everyone with this going home rubbish."

Lisa agreed, saying: "You must be because you haven't done it by now."

When Rex claimed not to understand Mikey's comment, Mikey fumed: "How do you not know what I mean, Rex?"

Rex responded: "Shut up and peel the onions, Michael."

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