Dave Davies announces new record of unreleased solo material

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  • 24 August 2018
Dave Davies

Dave Davies

The Kinks' star Dave Davies has unveiled a new album containing songs he recorded between 1971 and 1979 that have never been released before

The Kinks' Dave Davies has announced a new record containing unreleased solo material.

The 'Death of a Clown' songwriter will drop the collection of songs made between 1971 and 1979 on the LP 'Decade' on October 12, via Red River Entertainment/Green Amp.

The lead single 'Cradle to the Grave' is out now.

Dave, 71, said: "I am so pleased that after all this time these tracks are being released to see the light of day.

"These songs have been silently nagging at me to be recognised all these years. At last I can proudly present this album 'Decade' to the world."

The 'You Really Got Me' guitarist's last solo album was 2014's 'Rippin' Up Time'.

However, 'Decade' acts as a sister record to 2011's 'Hidden Treasures', which featured tracks penned by Dave in the 1960s.

The songs on the new record were swept under the rug when they were recorded in the 70s, because they "had no apparent place" on the concept records Dave's brother, Sir Ray Davies, was making for the group, so instead they were kept "under beds, in attics, in storage", until Dave's son Daniel Davies stumbled upon them.

He added: "We were busy, and we were touring.

"The Kinks were very vibrant that whole period of time.

"It wasn't really until the end of the '70s that I started to really take my writing seriously.

"I should have done it anyway - because what's 'serious' and 'not serious'? Just get stuff out, you know?"

The brothers - who have feuded throughout their lives - recently announced the 50th anniversary edition of 'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society'.

The iconic rock group's seminal 1968 record - which was made in "difficult circumstances" when they were on the "verge of disintegration" - has been turned into a five-CD boxset to mark the five-decade milestone, and is being released on October 26 via BMG.

Meanwhile, Dave recently insisted he and his rival brother still need to "iron out a few" kinks before working together again.

The latter recently went on a national news channel to announce that the iconic rock 'n' roll band had been back in the studio for the first time in 25 years, but Dave admitted it's not entirely true as they'd only discussed the prospect and need to argue out their creative differences first.

He spilled: "I thought, 'What is Ray bulls***ing about now?'"

However, he added: "We've been talking about maybe trying to work on new Kinks material.

"I said, 'We shouldn't go public yet because we've got to iron out a few things.'

"He said, 'Yeah.' Of course, he left and the next thing he's on TV saying we're doing it. Typical Ray."

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