Stuart and Bex chat

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  • 21 July 2008


Stuart and Rebecca discussed their plans for Heaven this afternoon. The pair - who are relaxing in Heaven after spending last week living in 'Big Brother' Hell - are both adamant they want to continue living in luxury, and Stuart is even thinking of competing for Head of House to secure his place.

Stuart said: "If I'm here next week I really want to stay in Heaven."

Bex replied: "And me. Who's going to go for Head of House though? If Lisa goes for it we'll probably still be here."

A confidant Stuart said: "If I go for it I know I'll win."

Bex responded: "Rex is confident he is going to win though."

Stuart scoffed: "I know I'll win. I know I'll beat Rex. They are always going to be tasks where you have to give in and I'll never give in. For the sheer shame of it I'll never give in."

Stuart then said he would probably bring sexy Sara - who is spending her second week in Hell, as are Lisa and Mikey - into Heaven.

Referring to the late night chat the heavenly group had last night, Bex mused: "The thing is, if Lisa and Mikey come over it'll be bed by 11pm. We couldn't do what we did last night."

Stuart responded: "At the minute if I had the choice I'd bring Sara over."

Bex said she like Sara, prompting Stuart to add: "I do too. I didn't at first though, I proper didn't get her."

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