Departure Lounge

The Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 26 Jan

Despite being more than capable of aligning a cosmic jam with their resident DJs Astroboy, Mr Zimbabwe and percussionist Cammy, Departure Lounge have in three and a half years brought a boggling array of backward looking and forward thinking guests from across the space-jazz spectrum to the capital. This month they welcome future global beats behemoth Mark De Clive-Lowe, the West London-based Kiwi musician and producer who can, and will, do no wrong. Having popped his head into the Caves after last year’s TrocaBrahma festivities, the innovative collaborator is bringing his Freesoul Sessions to Edinburgh for an unrepeatable evening of total improvisation with a dance floor bias.

‘It’s different every time and that’s something I definitely appreciate,’ says MdCL of his Freesoul Sessions, originally born of an unprepared encore that necessitated programming in real time and has in two years created a carnival of beat-centric spontaneity in London’s Jazz Café and the world over.

‘There are a lot of great musicians in the world and I’ve been lucky to work with a decent number, but I have found that not all good musicians can get down with the concept,’ he explains. ‘It’s not as simple as playing great solos over some beats; conceptually it’s a lot more integrated than that. It’s about musicians that understand the aesthetic of club music, are great on their instrument, know when not to play and know how to play without the ego. So it’s a fine line.’

Having struck up a symbiotic collaborative relationship with heavenly, in-demand vocalist Bembe Segue, Mark has welcomed key players from the likes of Bugz in the Attic, Jade Fox and PPP into the Freesoul melting pot along with guest DJs such as Dego, Domu and Benji B. Thus this Departure Lounge outing has all the hallmarks of a one-off to blow your mind and free your soul.

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