Housemates' onion hell

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 July 2008


The hellish housemates must peel onions to earn the right to nominate this week. Head of the 'Big Brother' house Dale - who is living in the Heaven portion of the house along with Rex, Maysoon, Rebecca, Stuart and Luke while the rest reside in Hell - was called to the Diary Room (11.59am) and emerged clutching a set of instructions.

The instructions stated the group must top, tail and peel 65kg of onions to an acceptable standard in order to win the right to vote.

The task is taking place in the garden, and the contestants have been provided with a table, chair and pair of gloves each.

After the challenge was explained, Lisa moaned: "It could only happen to me."

Despite their irritation at the task, the hellish housemates soon settled down to an afternoon of onion peeling.

They passed the time by singing and chatting, with Lisa telling her team she definitely wants to try out for Head of House next week.

Clearly cheered by her plan, Lisa declared: "It'd be nice to have a perfume. Called eau de onion!"

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