Dale's heavenly kiss

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 July 2008


Dale woke the heavenly housemates by kissing them this morning.

In an early morning announcement, Big Brother asked Head of House Dale to rouse the slumbering heavenly housemates - Rex, Maysoon, Rebecca, Luke and Stuart – by giving them a peck.

Speaking over the loud speaker, Big Brother said: "Could the Head of House wake each of the Heavenly housemates with a kiss."

Hearing the announcement, Stuart said: "What's that about?"

Clearly not wanting to get too intimate with the Head of House, Luke quickly advised Dale to "just do it on the cheek".

Dale worried: "My breath is kicking! Do you have any toothpaste?"

After going to the bathroom to pucker up, Luke set about giving the housemates a quick kiss.

After he planted a smacker on Luke, the suit-loving student declared: "I feel wide awake now you've done that! Come on Rex, pucker up."

The chef was less enthusiastic about the kiss.

As Dale pecked him on the forehead, he squirmed and said: "Oh no!"

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