Dale's Darnell rant

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  • 21 July 2008


Luke and Dale branded Darnell a "hypocrite" last night. Dale started the bitching session by claimed Darnell had been a sore loser when Dale took over the role as Head of the 'Big Brother' House at the weekend.

After claimed Darnell deliberately didn't clap when he became leader, Dale added: "I didn't give a s**t if anybody clapped because everybody knew anyway that I got Head of House last night. It wasn't a big deal."

He then claimed Darnell had "kicked off" at him during his stint as Head because he thought Dale was trying to undermine his authority by sleeping during the day, which is against 'Big Brother' rules.

Dale argued: "You can't kick off at me, saying I'm disrespecting when I'm not, but then do the same."

Luke agreed, saying: "He's a hypocrite."

Dale also repeated comments Stuart claims Darnell made when Belinda was evicted on Friday.

As Dale, Stuart and Rebecca stood together, Darnell allegedly said: "Look at them. They're all just f***ing clones of one another."

Dale commented: "He can't obviously consider me as a mate to say stuff like that."

In a separate conversation with Bex, Dale again criticised Darnell for being paranoid.

He said: "He thinks everyone's got a plot against him.

"He reckons me and Rex have been staying in bed all week to make him look like a weak leader, how much of a conspiracy is that?"

He also commented on Darnell's aggressive behaviour towards some of the other housemates recently.

He said: "He's got to be carful how he talks to people. He'll get battered when he gets out. That's what people are like."

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