Housemates' Rex vex

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  • 21 July 2008

Sara and Lisa

Rex was the subject of a great deal of bitching last night. The arrogant chef has irritated many of the 'Big Brother' housemates by constantly boasting about his wealth and career, while Lisa and Mikey - who are living in Hell for a second week - are angry he is living on the luxurious side of the house again.

Moaning about Rex' desire to become Head of House, Mikey said: "Rex is up next week and if he wins, I doubt he'd pick the pair of us."

Lisa agreed, saying: "No he won't, they're very selfish people. I would have put Sara in and taken Maysoon out to give her a chance."

Mikey added: "I'd definitely take Rex out."

Later, a furious Lisa said: "I said to Rex, 'You're not going to pick us to go in Heaven are you?' and he just smiled."

Mikey replied: "He's a b*****d then."

Lisa added: "All he talks about is money and his restaurants."

Later, the pair decided they would run for Head of House next week to ensure they both make it into Heaven.

Meanwhile, Darnell claimed Rex was being disrespectful by continually saying he was bored and wanted to leave the house.

Chatting to Kathreya, Darnell said Rex was a negative force who made the house unhappy.

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