Bex' dare strip

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 July 2008


The heavenly housemates played Truth or Dare last night. After indulging in a feast provided by Big Brother to celebrate Dale becoming Head of House, the group retired to the luxury bedroom where they decided to spice up the night with the game.

Rebecca kicked things of, asking Dale: "If you had to go with someone on the Hell side, who would you go with?"

A scornful Dale responded: "Go with where? To the shops?"

Bex explained: "It's just what I call it in Coventry!"

Stuart stepped in to help Dale out, saying: "Put it in Lisa's terms: French kiss."

Dale started laughing but didn't answer, although Luke was not so reticent.

He said: "Sara, just for her lips."

Dale replied: "Probably be Sara. Or maybe even Lisa! Controversial!"

Next up, Dale dared Bex to do ten topless star jumps by the pool. She raced off to complete the task.

Later, Dale asked Luke: "Would you rather have Bex in your life, or 100 grand and you'd never speak to her again?"

Quick as a flash, Luke responded: "100 grand. No, Rebecca. Rebecca."

Bex said: "You wouldn't."

Reaching out to touch Bex' neck, Luke promised: "I would Bex, I would. Truthfully."

However, Stuart was not convinced, saying: "Liar. Honestly, you wouldn't do that. Not with 100 grand in front of you. Neither of you would - you're not that close."

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