Rex's Head determination

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  • 20 July 2008

Rex's Head determination

Rex is determined to be crowned Head of House next week. The smooth-talking housemate insists he would be the perfect choice to take over from Dale as leader of the 'Big Brother' house, and would choose non-drinking housemates to be in Heaven with him so he could drink their share of alcohol.

When Mikey said he seemed overly-confident he could win the task which will determine the next Head, Rex replied: "I could have won any of the other ones, I just didn't want to enter. So yes, Mikey, you're right - I am confident."

Dale was made the new Head of House yesterday after beating Maysoon and Rebecca in the Hanging Around task, where the three housemates were required to hang on a tyre suspended on a piece of rope dressed as gorillas for as long as possible.

As Head of House, Dale will be immune from eviction next week, and also was given the power to choose who will remain on the Heaven side with him and who will be sent over to Hell.

He chose Stuart, Maysoon, Rex, Luke and Rebecca to accompany him on the luxurious side. Mikey, Lisa, Sara, Darnell, Mohamed and Kathreya will all have to spend the week in Hell.

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