Lisa's Hellish moan

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  • 20 July 2008

Lisa's Hellish moan

Lisa and Mikey were left fuming after they were consigned to Hell for a second week.

The pair looked disgruntled after new Head of House Dale chose Stuart, Maysoon, Rex, Luke and Rebecca to join him on the Heavenly side of the 'Big Brother' house, leaving them with Sara, Darnell, Mohamed and Kathreya in Hell.

Following the announcement, Lisa moaned: "You can start to see now who everyone's favourites are really. Next week it could be Rex who wins it and he's not going to pick me or Mikey."

Living in Hell is proving troublesome for Lisa, who was sick last night after having to survive on a basic food budget all week.

The 40-year-old beauty was left feeling under the weather, and told Luke and Bex she is used to eating fresh fruit and vegetables - not the stodgy rations the hellish housemates are required to live on.

Later, Sara revealed she "felt sorry" for Lisa.

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