Rachel's weather-changing bikini

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  • 20 July 2008

Rachel's weather-changing bikini

Rachel thinks she "jinxes" the sun every time she puts on her bikini. The brunette beauty admits her clothing choices in the 'Big Brother' house affect the weather.

After putting on her bikini top this morning and watching as the sun promptly disappeared behind an ominous looking cloud, Rachel moaned to Kathreya: "Every time I put a bikini top the sun says, 'No Rachel, I'm not coming out to play with you'."

Last night, Rachel revealed she wanted to become the new Head of House when Dale completes his week in the leadership position, but Rex was less than complimentary about her ability to control the unruly house.

When she expressed her desire to lead the housemates, Rex replied: "You won't be Head of House if you have to compete in a general knowledge task to win it!"

As the new Head of House, Dale chose Stuart, Rex, Rebecca, Luke and Maysoon to live with him in Heaven. In his new position, he will also have to come up with ideas for this week's task and will be in charge of the shopping budget.

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