Mohamed's Maysoon confession

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  • 20 July 2008

Mohamed's Maysoon confession

Mohamed revealed he does fancy Maysoon last night.

After being told to pack his suitcase by Big Brother because he and Kathreya stole some bananas meant only for the Hanging Around task, Mohamed started crying and confessed his love for the Angelina Jolie lookalike to cookie lover Kathreya.

Sobbing, he admitted: "I do fancy Maysoon" before explaining to Kathreya he stole the bananas so the next Head of Household would not have to choose whether to consign him to Heaven or Hell.

He said: "None of them would have picked me. The reason I jumped is because I wanted to jump. If I have consequences that get me in trouble I'll take them."

Mohamed also revealed he was keen to keep in touch with the friends he has made in the house when he leaves, adding: "If I have four friends it's better than having none."

Mohamed and Kathreya were told by Big Brother last night to pack their suitcases following the rule break. However, it is unclear what their punishment will be.

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