Dale made Head of House

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  • 20 July 2008

Dale made Head of House

Dale was made the new Head of the Big Brother House last night.

The trainee teacher beat competitors Maysoon and Rebecca in the Hanging Around task - where each contestant was required to hang on a tyre dressed in a gorilla outfit for as long as possible - to replace former Head Darnell as the new leader.

The three contestants were forced to take part in the task after nominating themselves for the leadership post.

Bex - who had previously expressed her disgust at the task - gave up after as astonishingly short three minutes. Despite being encouraged by her fellow housemates, and tempted with bananas (the only food Dale, Maysoon and Bex were allowed to eat throughout the task) she said: "I’m not going to win it anyway" before hopping off the tyre.

Later in the day, she explained: "I was in pain and I wasn’t going to do it. Look at Maysoon and Dale - they do it with such ease!"

After three hours of hanging on the tyres, Big Brother allowed Maysoon and Dale a toilet break, but they quickly returned to their perches.

However, the pair soon got bored and decided to start negotiating for the leadership position.

Maysoon eventually gave in, and Dale went victorious to the Diary Room.

As the new Head of House, Dale will have to decide which of his fellow housemates will live with him on the luxurious Heaven side, and which will be assigned to the sparse Hell.

He will also be immune from next week’s eviction, make important decisions about the task and have to work out the shopping budget.

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