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  • 19 July 2008


Darnell is no longer Head of the Big Brother House. The former leader was called to the Diary Room this morning (11.37am) and told his position as Head had been terminated. He could barely disguise his irritation at the news.

As he returned from speaking to Big Brother, Rex asked: "You're not Head of House anymore?"

Darnell replied: "No. So, that means it's open. And I don't get to pick the next Head either."

Rex responded: "And you can't go up twice?"

Sulky Darnell explained: "No, I can't participate. It sucks dude. It's ridiculous."

Dale tried to raise Darnell's spirits, saying: "You can make yourself a target being Head of House."

Darnell replied: "Some people can."

As soon as the rest of the contestants heard the news, they started to debate who would be the next leader.

Rebecca said: "I really want to do it. I'm going to turn this into the mad house!"

Luke said Bex would be "great" as Head, before adding: "I'd be the first gentleman of 'Big Brother'!"

Maysoon and Darnell suggested Rachel should go for the position, with Darnell claiming she stood a good chance as people think she is "moral".

Rachel replied she was more known for "having no opinions and being naive".

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