Hell's heavenly moan

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  • 19 July 2008

Bex and Luke

The hellish housemates moaned about those in Heaven this morning. As the 'Big Brother' Hell contestants rose from their beds, they quickly began to speculate about whether they will get the chance to elect a new Head of House today.

Their debate about the likelihood of them moving to the luxury side of the house soon descended into a bitching session, with current Head of House Darnell the main target.

Mikey said he was "outraged" about the errors Darnell made with the shopping budget - the group are living on basic rations and he forgot to order vegetables, fruit, potatoes, spaghetti and tea - while Lisa claimed Darnell was receiving special treatment.

Luke added the Head of House only apologised for his mistakes when he was sent to jail, prompting Mikey to claim Darnell's remorse was "all for votes".

Luke voiced his concern that the hellish group would struggle to get one of their number elected into the position now Belinda - who was on their team - has left, leaving them a minority.

He said: "If there's a vote anyone who stands on that side will win because there are seven of them and six of us. Brace yourself for another week in Hell."

Mikey responded by claiming Darnell was "power mad" while Luke laughed at the heavenly housemates' view that Darnell had done a "sterling job" in charge.

Lisa agreed with the boys, but warned: "Heaven are in a strong position."

Later, Luke said he thought it was unlikely Big Brother would allow the groups to do a straight swap.

He also revealed Mohamed has no intention of allowing any of the Hell housemates into Heaven if he became leader.

Luke said: "Mohammed said, 'let's not let the whole thing upset our friendship on the outside'. And I muttered under my breath, 'what friendship?' "

Later (11.20am), the group resorted to fighting talk as they prepared breakfast for the heavenly contestants, saying: "The angels will fall!"

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