Darnell's heavenly pep talk

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  • 19 July 2008


Darnell received an early morning pep talk from the heavenly housemates today. Head of House Darnell has become increasingly worried about how the other 'Big Brother' contestants view him this week, and some of those living with him in Heaven - Rex, Mohamed, Dale, Rachel, Kathreya and Maysoon - are worried his paranoia is annoying people.

After Mohamed warned Darnell to stop pushing people away, Rachel advised him to "be proud of who you are".

Kathreya added: "I feel like however much we love and support you, it doesn't mean anything."

Rachel then reprimanded the Head of House for his recent behaviour, saying: "I've seen you telling people to eff off and being mean. It's not the Darnell I know."

Darnell told the shocked group he had almost been removed from the house yesterday, admitting: "That's how extreme I am. I don't play, dude. When I get serious, I get serious."

Maysoon suggested he was suffering from low self-esteem, prompting Rachel to say: "You're lacking confidence. You've got a lot going for you. The more you put yourself down, the more you're pushing people away."

Earlier, Sara confronted Darnell - who had to pick which housemates went to Heaven and which went to Hell as part of his Head of House duties - about his decision to send her to Hell.

After she asked him why he picked Maysoon over her, Darnell said: "What was I supposed to do?"

Sara replied: "Choose me!"

Maysoon told her to be more respectful, prompting Sara to reply: "I respect Darnell. I don't like him as much as I did."

Darnell worried she wasn't joking, to which Sara replied: "I'm just being honest. You know I'm honest."

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