Sara and Bex' Mo moan

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  • 19 July 2008

Bex and Sara

Sara and Rebecca bitched about Mohamed last night. At the start of their gossip session they were vague about which 'Big Brother' housemates they like and which irritate them, but by the end neither of them could contain their dislike for the toy demonstrator.

The conversation started innocently, with Bex saying: "There are people I do really want to stay friends with."

Sara was less positive, saying: "There are a few I do, not heaps though. I can't think of many to be honest. I'm glad I've got you actually."

Bex replied: "Yeah I'm glad that you've come in. I don't mind annoying people. I think it's quite amusing."

Sara agreed: "Dude, while we're in here we've just got to have fun. You only do it once!"

The chat took a new twist when Bex brought up Mohamed, saying: "He's so annoying!"

Sara agreed, commenting: "I know. If there's one person that annoys me the most, it would be him. Especially with the cigarettes. Every day, 'Sara, can I have a cigarette?' "

An angry Bex replied: "That's why I have none left!"

Sara responded: "It's really annoying. I've given him so many. It's like, enough's enough!"

Deciding not to skirt around the issue any longer, Bex said: "I've had to live with him for seven weeks now, and he's really annoyed me."

Sara replied: "Dude, I've only been here for two, and I get it."

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