Rex' Rachel rant

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  • 19 July 2008


Rex was furious he was not evicted last night. The executive chef - who admitted earlier in the day he had spent all week deliberately being annoying so the public would vote for him to leave - said he was bored and wanted to see his friends and family.

After he exclaimed he was "not happy" he was still in the house, Rachel admitted she felt guilty because she had wanted him to stay.

He fumed: "You should realise when I say I want to go, I want to f***ing go."

He continued: "The whole show from start to finish is punishment. It's not a luxury lifestyle. It's just lots of s**t."

Rachel tried to cheer him by saying he had made friends and completed tasks, but an angry Rex said the challenges were "rubbish".

He later admitted he was only annoyed because he missed his friends and family so much.

He said: "I can deal with being hated. What I can't deal with is being without my loved ones. I long to be loved again. It's like being homeless. My heart is homeless. I feel almost empty inside."

However, Rex didn't display his sensitive side for long - he was soon blasting Rachel for being boring.

In an early morning chat, he accused her of being dull, saying: "Whoever you are up against I'd be worried. You will look at your life at the end of it and think, 'F**k, that was boring.' "

He then accused her of having no opinions and of always sitting on the fence, commenting: "You're scared of change."

Rachel responded: "I lived the high life when I was doing films. The reason I speak different is the elocution lessons. But at ten I decided I wanted to be normal."

Rex scoffed: "You cannot say that you have done everything that you wanted to do by the age of ten."

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