Hell's Big clean

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  • 18 July 2008

Bex and Luke

Big Brother made the seven Hell housemates clean the entire house this afternoon (2.55pm). Although the contestants are usually given a break from tasks on eviction days, today was an exception much to the hellish group's annoyance.

Big Brother announced: "Today, housemates from Hell must clean the house. Both sides of the house."

The group looked glum when they were told to make their way to the store room to pick up the white boiler suits they clean in, but soon began volunteering for jobs.

Stuart put his hand in the air and shouted: "Hovering up!"

Belinda followed suit, saying: "I'll do the bathroom."

Heavenly housemate Rex - who is up for eviction alongside Belinda this week - muttered: "What are we going to do?"

An irritated Lisa replied: "Just chill out, that's the best advice I can give you."

After they got changed, the group realised they had no products to clean the house with.

A worried Luke impersonated Big Brother, saying: "Housemates from Hell must lick the house clean."

Stuart was also worried, although for a different reason - after moaning his boiler suit "stank" he began to wonder if he'd been given someone else's sweaty, old one to wear.

Cleaning didn't help lift the hunky housemate's mood, he later told Luke he didn't think he could "take" another week in Hell.

He said: "I want some treats. I wouldn't mind being here if I had chocolate and stuff."

Trying to cheer him up, Luke said: "You know what I think? Let's say we are in Hell for another week, they'll give us a treat eventually, or we'll stop doing the tasks."

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