Hell's Heaven plan

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  • 18 July 2008


The hellish housemates vowed to move to Heaven this afternoon (4.10pm). Discussing the likelihood that someone will get to replace Darnell as Head of the 'Big Brother' House this weekend, the group - Belinda, Lisa, Luke, Mikey, Rebecca, Sara and Stuart - began to formulate strategies to ensure they all make it into the luxury side of the house.

Luke kicked things off, saying: "Do you know Bex, Darnell's fighting for a second week in office?"

The group began giggling at the prospect of Darnell - who they believe has been a bad leader as he did not make the most of the basic shopping budget this week - being re-elected and then chatted about who they would each take across the divide if they won the position.

Referring to his intention to nominate anyone who decided not to take him to Heaven, Stuart said: "If I don't come across I know who I'm getting on Monday."

He also said they should try extra hard to win any task they are set in case it gives them the chance to move, saying: "Whatever it is, we've got to win to get to Heaven."

Shamelessly trying to stir up trouble, Luke told the group Darnell said he would not change "a thing" about the groups if he was re-elected.

Lisa commented: "I think we deserve a chance in Heaven. We've looked after them very well."

She then revealed: "Rex said, 'Keep Lisa in Hell because she'll do all the cooking and cleaning."

Stuart argued everyone should get a stint in Heaven before they start "playing the game" and it wouldn't be fair if someone had to do two weeks in Hell.

Luke claimed the Heaven housemates were "blinded by greed" which is why none of them would be fair and allow those in Hell to swap sides.

He added: "I stared into the face of greed and his name was Mohamed."

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