Dale's Hell jealousy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 July 2008


Dale is "jealous" of the Hell housemates. The trainee teacher made his surprising admission to Sara - who is living on the Hell side of the 'Big Brother' divide along with Belinda, Lisa, Luke, Mikey, Rebecca and Stuart - this afternoon, claiming he had been envious of the cycling task they completed earlier this week.

Sara started the chat, saying: "I don't like this divide. And I've been feeling so jealous of you guys, with the food and everything."

She also said the bike challenge - which saw the Hell group cycling 1040km in just 30 hours as part of this week's shopping task - was "the hardest thing" she'd ever done and had affected everyone's mood.

Dale admitted he'd been desperate to join in the peddling test, saying: "Yeah, I saw you lot bonding over that task and I was proper jealous."

In a separate conversation, a paranoid Dale discussed the possibility that new housemates might join the group tonight.

Chatting to some of the other contestants this afternoon (2pm) Dale admitted he wouldn't be welcoming to any new arrivals.

He joked: "If they put three new housemates in this week. I'll punch them in the face and throw them out the door."

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