Rex: "powerful housemate"

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  • 18 July 2008


Rex says if he survives tonight's eviction he will be a "powerful housemate". Chatting to Belinda - who is also facing the public vote tonight - and Dale, the 'Big Brother' contestant claimed he wanted to go home and had spent the week being annoying so viewers voted him out.

He said: "I think I've been horrible enough this week and last week. And been really stuck up and talked about money and s**t so..."

Dale immediately interjected, saying: "Believe me mate, that hasn't just been the last couple of weeks. I've been here since day one, don't you worry about that!"

Even Belinda agreed, saying: "That's true. You've been like this since I've been here."

Rex said: "I was like that for a while before that as well. If I stay that makes me a very powerful housemate."

Dale and Belinda disagreed, with Belinda adding it wouldn't be that impressive if he stayed because she is a "newbie".

Clearly not worried about offending Belinda, Dale commented: "It doesn't really mean much if Belinda goes. The big thing is when someone's been up twice against two original housemates. Then you're powerful."

Meanwhile, Luke and Sara said they are expecting Belinda to be evicted tonight.

Luke commented: "Everyone thinks it's a forgone conclusion."

Sara added: "I will be really shocked if they say Rex. I don't want Belinda to go but I like Rex. When he winds me up it's funny and I let him get away with it. There's something about him."

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