Big bacon breakfast

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 July 2008


Big Brother gave half the housemates egg and bacon sandwiches this morning. After allowing the contestants to have a lie-in, Big Brother summoned them to the living room where it was announced that egg and bacon sandwiches and hash browns were waiting in the store room.

Big Brother said (10.53am): "This is Big Brother. There are bacon sandwiches, fried egg sandwiches and hash browns in the Diary Room. For half of the House."

Expecting those on the heavenly side to be awarded the food, Hell housemate Rebecca exclaimed: "Aww, for f***s sake."

However, her fears were unfounded when Big Brother continued: "Darnell, as Head of House, you must now decide whether Heavenly housemates, or housemates from Hell should receive this breakfast."

As those in Hell - who have received no treats recently, while those in Heaven have enjoyed a barbecue, party and fish and chip dinner - began pleading their case, the heavenly group took pity on them.

Dale said: "I'm not hungry. Two of our side can't eat bacon sandwiches anyway."

Rachel added: "I'm still full from last night. We've had loads."

Rex commented: "Give it to Hell, dude."

Unable to conceal his desire for the food, Hell inhabitant Mikey exclaimed: "Darnell, you need to hurry up. It's getting cold."

A resigned Darnell said: "Is everybody finished now? I guess we're gonna have to give these bacon sandwiches to Hell."

As the group tucked into their feast, Mohamed - the only member of the heavenly group not to suggest giving the food to Hell - gazed on enviously.

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