Vanessa Hudgens sees herself in new rom-com character

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  • 8 August 2018
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Hollywood star Vanessa Hudgens has admitted she sees a lot of herself in her latest on-screen character

Vanessa Hudgens sees a lot of herself in her latest on-screen character.

The 29-year-old actress plays the part of Tara, a barista who dreams about the handsome vet who works across the street from where she works, in the romantic comedy 'Dog Days', and Vanessa claims she can see some strong similarities between her character and her real-life self.

She explained: "I think she sees herself a lot like I see myself. That was the thing that I love about this character. I was like, 'So, I get to basically be myself, and be joyous and positive, and want to give back.'

"She's like sunshine. She's very positive and just wants to lift people up, which is something that I take pride in myself, as well. She just figures out a way to make things better, and I love that about her."

Meanwhile, Vanessa also revealed she's become more picky about the role she accepts as her career has developed.

She told Collider: "The character, to me, is everything. I love an evolution, and I love being able to tell a story that I find purposeful and meaningful and have a greater meaning.

"Movies are such a transformative experience for the audience member. They can walk into a theatre feeling one thing and leave feeling another.

"I think this film, on paper, and especially on the big screen is just a movie that makes you feel really good. I think that is something that is an underrated and a really special thing to have an effect on the audience with."

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