Friction risked limb to collaborate with JP Cooper

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 August 2018
JP Cooper

JP Cooper

Friction risked causing serious damage to his knee after leaving hospital early to record a song with JP Cooper

Friction discharged himself from hospital just to make a song with JP Cooper.

The Drum and Bass DJ was so desperate to collaborate with the 'September Song' hitmaker that he got his father to escort him to the studio in a wheelchair after undergoing a knee operation, as JP only had that day available.

Recalling the "terrifying" experience, the 41-year-old producer - whose real name is Ed Keeley - told the Daily Star newspaper: "It was actually terrifying, my old man had to rush to the hospital and wheel me out in a wheelchair and get me in the studio so we could make this tune.

I really, really wanted it to happen and sometimes when you're a producer and you want to work with the best singer-songwriters you go to do what you got to do."

The results are the track 'Dancing' which is set to feature on Friction's forthcoming LP 'Connections'.

And risking his health was worthwhile, as Friction couldn't believe it when the summer bop made it onto UK reality dating show 'Love Island'.

He said: "Seeing it on things like 'Love Island' it seals the deal, because if they're enjoying it the rest of the country must be.

"My missus made me watch it thought.

"I was like, 'I'm not watching that I'm a drum n bass DJ' - and I got sucked in."

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