Stuart and Darnell jailed

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  • 18 July 2008


Stuart and Darnell were sent to prison last night. Muscley Stuart was the first to learn he was being jailed and informed the group Big Brother was punishing him because he had asked to be nominated.

An astonished Sara commented: "You're joking!"

Determined to ensure Stuart spent his time in the slammer contemplating his crime, Big Brother kept the living room shutters down and ordered the housemates to keep the garden door shut.

Later, Head of House Darnell was called to the Diary Room and returned with a sealed envelope.

He announced he had been told to pick one of the Hell housemates - Belinda, Lisa, Luke, Rebecca, Mikey, Sara and Stuart - to open it.

He chose Belinda, saying it could be her last night because she is up for eviction against chef Rex this week.

Tearing open the envelope, Belinda read she had to name someone from the Heaven side of the house to go to the brand new luxury jail, which is a glass pod in the garden.

She told Darnell: "I have to send you, I have to. As Head of House, I have to."

Darnell replied: "It's something you have to do. That's fine."

Later, Belinda apologised for jailing him but Darnell insisted it was right he should take "the rap" because he is the house leader.

Speaking to Dale, he said; "If I was on that side, I would have picked the Head of House. I get the good things so I should get the bad things."

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