Jonas Blue: Chasing chart hits is tiring

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  • 3 August 2018
Jonas Blue

Jonas Blue

Jonas Blue has admitted there is a lot of "expectations" on him to constantly release chart-topping hits

Jonas Blue says there is an immense amount of pressure on him to succeed.

The 'Rise' hitmaker - whose latest single featuring Jack and Jones is his fourth UK top 10 hit - has admitted it's "pretty mad" to speak about his music in numbers terms, and revealed how challenging it is to constantly make chart-topping songs.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, the 29-year-old DJ - whose real name is Guy Robin - confessed: "The expectations of everyone around me are insane.

"The numbers that are expected of me and my music ... to even talk of music in that way is pretty mad."

Asked if the music industry is ruthless, he spilled: "Yeah. It's the worst. If you're not at the top of your game and you're falling down, people are ready to kick you out."

Whilst the 'Perfect Strangers' hitmaker has achieved chart success, it hasn't always been the case, and he says it's like hitting rock bottom with "no support" from record label bosses when a track flops.

He said: "It's the worst feeling, going into your record label when you haven't got a hit. It was like: 'Maybe you've lost it.' And, once you're done, that's it. There's no support, or anyone to help you."

Jonas is happy that his latest single is doing well, but admits finding the next pop banger is "tiring".

He said: "My dad was like: 'This is amazing ... you've got another hit!' But Rise is finished, it's out. So what's the next one going to be? And that is tiring."

Meanwhile, the 'Mama' hitmaker recently confirmed he has a track with 2015 'X Factor' winner Louisa Johnson featured on his album.

He told BANG Showbiz: "Louisa is on one of the tracks on my album, she was so amazing, her voice just blew me away.

"We were in the studio together, that's how the majority of the album was done with the guest vocalists coming into my studio.

"Louisa came in on a Sunday and we just clicked."

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