Heavenly BBQ

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 July 2008


The heavenly housemates were treated to a barbecue last night. The lucky group were rewarded after the 'Big Brother' contestants living in Hell - Belinda, Lisa, Luke, Mikey, Rebecca, Sara and Stuart - successfully completed their manure task, which saw them shovelling muck from one pen in the garden to another.

When they realised the heavenly team were receiving a treat, Sara cried: "I'm so jealous!"

Bex moaned: "This is not fair at all."

Noticing the group had also been given water guns, politics student Luke began to worry they might shoot his team with water.

He said: "We were shovelling manure for you to shove burgers into your mouth!"

Belinda and Lisa tried to raise their group's spirits by pointing out they would have a nice meal too, as the food shopping had just arrived.

Belinda added: "They're going to have some burnt meat and stale bread."

Luke remained unconvinced and decided to bitch about chef Rex to cheer himself up.

He said: "Rex says he knows how to barbecue so no-one will get salmonella. He has six degrees in barbecues, and his dad owns a barbecue factory."

Determined not to let the hell housemates' jealousy ruin their evening, Dale and Rex indulged in a contest to see who could eat the most barbecue food.

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