Niall Horan's writing struggle

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  • 30 July 2018
Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Niall Horan is "really struggling" to write his second album because of his tour commitments

Niall Horan is "really struggling" to write his second album.

The 24-year-old One Direction star is currently on tour in support of his debut solo album 'Flicker' - which was released in October 2017 - so he's finding it hard to pen new songs for the follow-up record because he doesn't have a lot of spare time because he likes to see the sights of the cities he performs in and he's got a "strict" schedule to stick to.

He said: "Some people are like really good at that, where they can just -- on any downtime they have -- just sit down and write multiple songs. And I found that I just can't.

"There's so much going on and if you actually wanna tour and see the city that you're in, you got no time for that. And then on show day, there's a strict schedule that we try and stick to. I'm just really struggling to kinda get into that mind-set because if you're not going to put 100 percent into [writing], there's no point doing it."

However, after his tour ends in September, the 'Slow Hands' hitmaker is planning to take a few months off, which will give him the time to write in peace.

He told Billboard's 'Pop Shop' podcast: "I found when I went home after we toured Europe, I wrote two or three songs in a couple of days.

"Just sitting at the piano like I did on the last album, where I was sitting at home, guitar in hand, sitting at a piano or whatever.

"So it's not going very well on the road, but I will be kind of disappearing after the tour and taking a couple of months off and then going for it properly and just writing until I can't write anymore."

However, when Niall eventually does get into the studio, he thinks his next record will be even better because of his experience on tour.

He explained: "We all play a lot tighter together as a band. And I think that happens with time -- the longer you spend on the road, the better you get.

"This will stand me in good stead for when I go to record the next time because you're singing every night, you're nursing the vocal cords, and it should make for a good vocal on the next album."

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