Camilla Rutherford's family career struggle

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  • 28 July 2018
Camilla Rutherford

Camilla Rutherford

Camilla Rutherford's children find her "unpredictable" acting career "quite difficult to deal with"

Camilla Rutherford's children find her career "quite difficult to deal with".

The 'Phantom Thread' actress - who has Hector, 15, and Maude, 12, from her marriage to Rufus Abbott, and Nancy, nine, and two-year-old Blaise with partner Dominic Burns - admitted her profession can be "unpredictable" and her family aren't fans of the highs and lows that come with not having a steady job.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "It can be an unpredictable career and you don't know if you are going to work or not.

"Being an actor gives my life variety and that's such a privilege.

"I haven't shown the children any of my films yet as they find my work quite difficult to deal with sometimes.

"I could be sat in the nursery reading a book and the phone rings and I am called to see a director the next day.

"The book gets flung across the room and I have to find my script.

"One minute everything is calm and the next I am stressed.

"When we are all doing well financially, it's great, but they have seen the other side too. I think that's why one of my children wants to be a lawyer."

The 41-year-old actress was stunned to be cast in Oscar-winning 'Phantom Thread' and still regards it as one of her greatest achievements.

She said: "It was such an incredible honour to be in 'Phantom Thread'.

"When the director, Paul Thomas Anderson, called me up directly and offered the role of Joanna to me, it was one of those incredible moments.

"I couldn't quite believe it was happening. A few things top my list of achievements and that's one of them."

The 'Gosford Park' actress is thankful she's never felt a victim of ageism in the movie industry.

She said: "Some people say the parts become more interesting as you get older.

"For younger actresses, the roles may have less history, be less tortured, some have less substance.

"I like to go where the opportunities are and work with creative people."

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