ROMANTI-CRASH! is 'a celebration of glitz, social harmony and wild abandon'

ROMANTI-CRASH! is 'a celebration of glitz, social harmony and wild abandon'

Heir of the Cursed / credit: Euan Robertson

Curators Sian Dorrer and Matilda Strang chat about the second edition of Jupiter Artland's campout event

'We want to deconstruct and re-evaluate the idea of a wedding,' says artist and musician Sian Dorrer of the second Jupiter Campout at the Jupiter Artland, which she runs alongside fellow 'curator and concept thinker-upper' Matilda Strang of Supernormal Festival. 'The site really lends itself to the romantic idea of the wedding day, but when you go to a traditional wedding the focus is on the two people getting married and here the focus is on everyone who attends. It's a celebration of glitz, social harmony and universal love that we hope will be full of fun and wild abandon.'

The young tradition of the Jupiter Artland campout began last year with artist duo Pester and Rossi's 'Lunarnova Campout' event, and has evolved into a much bigger show for 400 overnight visitors, with music and art events going on throughout the night, a creche for children between 3pm and 8pm on the Saturday, artist-led workshops and activities, and a late-night stage curated by Sarra Wild of OH141. 'Jupiter Artland were keen to continue from last year's event,' says Dorrer, 'and create a fun, inclusive and memorable festival that could widen their audience reach and make the most of their absolutely gorgeous grounds.'

ROMANTI-CRASH! is 'a celebration of glitz, social harmony and wild abandon'

Jupiter Artland
Forced to pick some highlights, the pair choose an eclectic bunch. 'I'm very excited for Sculpture, which is electronic music producer Dan Hayhurst and visual artist Reuben Sutherland,' says Strang. 'Together they combine spinning records, zoetropic prints, no-fi electronics and digital sequences to create an audio and visual feast. Also, I first discovered Christian Noelle Charles' moving image work a year ago and was drawn to its celebration of the self; she's truly one in a million and a talented artist on the precipice of her career, who will be presenting a new performance work here that responds to the concept of the event.

'Natalie Sharp, aka Lone Taxidermist, plays electronic synth-pop tracks that stick in your head for weeks. Her album Trifle is accompanied by one of the most terrifying and mind-blowing performances I've ever seen, and we have the privilege of hosting a brand new performative work by her entitled 'Body Vice'.'

Dorrer says, 'Comfort are a relatively new Glasgow band, just a singer with samples and a drummer, but with a mesmerising stage presence and music which is really atmospheric. They sound to me as though they jammed non-stop for two weeks and condensed all the best bits into a twenty minute set, they're reminiscent of post-punk bands like Public Image Limited and Suicide. Also, Fish Police are playing, and they're the best band on the planet.

ROMANTI-CRASH! is 'a celebration of glitz, social harmony and wild abandon'

Martin Creed / Image courtesy of the artist
'In the Pi and Gaia Kollectiv, Pil and Gaia operate as a singular entity rather than two separate people; for ROMANTI-CRASH! they'll explore the notion of a wedding as a subversive performance which resists power. They have a really eloquent and intelligent way of approaching a subject and opening it up for discussion, so I think they'll bring a more focused and academic aspect to the generally comical feel of the event.'

Those the pair have named stand across the boundary of art and music, as do others appearing primarily on the music stage, including Martin Creed, The Rebel, Heir of the Cursed and Apostille. 'We want everyone to have a really great time and to get involved,' says Dorrer of her hopes for the event. 'The Campout is effectively one big performance with a constant, interactive theme which runs throughout, including the programme, costumes, food and activities. Even the staff will be 'in character' and we'll be encouraging the audience to do the same. We want people to make new friends and discover new music and art, and to have a really brilliant time together. '

Jupiter Campout: ROMANTI-CRASH!, Jupiter Artland, Sat 28–Sun 29 Jul.

Jupiter Campout: Romanti-Crash

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A sleepover programme of arts and culture taking place at Jupiter Artland. Enjoy live music, arts, talks, performances, workshops and a late night stage curated by OH141.

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